Packaging services

Elcan Industries is proud to introduce our packaging and repackaging services for both finished product and raw materials into whatever format is needed for each company’s unique processes. The combinations are endless when it comes to the various pack outs that are required and Elcan is here to help along every step of the way. Whether it is from super sacks to drums, drums to liners, or liners into 10 lb. bottles, Elcan can help you achieve the desired packaging for you and your customer.


Packaging and repackaging services at Elcan are a stand-alone service that we also offer in conjunction with our sieving services. Often times, Elcan will help customers first create product using our advanced sieving systems, and then to ship direct to customers, Elcan will handle the packaging of product as well. This includes the labeling of the product as well, whether it be with customer provided labels, or with Elcan created labels. Elcan also will handle the palletizing and shrink wrapping of products as well to prepare them for transit.


Elcan’s packaging and repackaging services cover the entire spectrum of pack out for dry powders. We have also expanded our capabilities to include a sewing machine and a ultrasonic heat sealer as well. Our packaging machine is perfect for repackaging from bulk bags into 55 lbs. stitched plastic bags. The heat sealer is designed for both plastic and foil bags and can be used for bags with up to a 36 inch diameter.


These packaging and repackaging services allow customers to contract out entire processes without ever having to be capitally committed to an equipment purchase. Elcan can now offer both our sieving services (down to 10 microns), along with mixing/blending, electromagnetic separation, and packaging services, or any combination of these. Call Today to find out how we can help you! (914)-381-7500