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Prevent Mesh Blinding with Hi-Sifter Screener

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

High Efficiency Screener Effectively Screens Down to 10um without Mesh Blinding

As the demand for finer powders continues to rise, the ability to screen fine powders down to as 10um has increased simultaneously . Low cost vibratory screeners that are currently engrained in the marketplace have used the same technology they did from the 1950s. For specifications such as sieving at 10um on an industrial scale, these screeners are unable to keep up to market demand. The vibratory screeners do not have enough energy to screen down to such fine cut sizes without screen blinding or having to perform multiple passes. This is where Elcan’s 21st century technology surpasses all of these technologies, including ultrasonic screeners. 

Increased yields, higher throughput rates and increased profits are just a few of the benefits of the Hi-Sifter. The Hi-Sifter is also the screener of choice for some of the largest chemical companies in the world where the need for finer cut sizes and consistent outcomes are essential to their success. Traditional screeners like ultrasonic and vibratory systems, cannot effectively screen at fine sizes because the powder sits on top of the screen mesh which causes slow down in production, blinding and inconsistent yields and finished product. The amount of energy transferred onto the screen using the Hi-Sifter does not allow particles the opportunity to blind which allows for extremely precise cuts and overall cleaner end product. 

Hi-Sifter BenefitHi-Sifter-Powder-Vibratory-Sieving-Machine-Elcan-Industries

Zero Contamination

The Hi-Sifter industrial screener by Elcan provides companies the versatility of a zero contamination stainless steel body and frame. This proves beneficial in multiple industries where zero contamination is required.

Single or Double Deck?

High energy is required when separating product at finer size specifications. Elcan’s Hi-Sifter is the industry leader when it comes to high energy on the screen surface. This high amplitude energy being transferred to the screen allows the material to flow seamlessly through the screen. The machine has a strong vertical vibration that allows high feed rate and efficiencies without blinding. The stainless-steel explosion proof design and high energy make this machine the precise fit for companies looking to update screening machinery in their production lines. Check out this video below to see the energy of the Hi-Sifter in action. Notice the amount of energy on the screen surface easily separates the powders down to superfine precise cuts with the highest efficiency of any screening machines in the industry.

Which Model Is the Right Fit For You?Sifter-machineSingle or Double Deck?

The Hi-Sifter comes in two specifications, the double deck and single deck. The double deck Hi-Sifter provides more flexibility when it comes to screening for two cuts in a single pass. In some applications, we use the same screen on each deck to double pass the material for added security. The design of the Hi-Sifter is user friendly for opening up the unit to switch products or screen sizes. The individual components are easily handled, and the polished finish makes cleanup and changeovers very easy.

With the new shift towards high performance – high value products in demand and showing signs of continued demand, improved performance screening is required on value added products. Companies in these markets or looking to get into these markets, utilizing advanced screening technology is an easy decision. Either capitalizing the equipment or toll processing will quickly payoff with the performance value increase.

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”