Recycling Powders for Additive Manufacturing

When it comes to the additive manufacturing industry, any downtime for the printer is huge money lost. With this need for quick and efficient turnaround, it is a big waste of time and money to wait on a conventional screener to sieve the bed powder after it comes out of the printer. Thankfully,  Elcan Industries has developed a new method for recycling powders for additive manufacturing.

Using our breakthrough Hi-Sifter technology, we have been able to drastically cut down the time it takes to recycle powders for the 3D printer.  The equipment is completely stainless steel and is the only equipment on the market capable of achieving efficiencies of 98% and up in a single pass.

The purpose of recycling powders for additive manufacturing is to remove the “splatter” material that comes from the laser process and is no longer in size.  Taking these oversized chunks out is a crucial step in the process but does not have to be a limiting one.

For Electronic Beam Melting (EBM), this cut often times occurs at 107 micron and for Selective Laser Melting (SLM), it happens at 44 micron. Regardless of the process you are using, waiting hours or days for this material to be rescreened is throwing time and money away. Our Hi-Sifter machine is capable of easily screening at these sizes without ever having to worry about doing a second pass or waiting hours to have your material screened.

Elcan has a full-scale powder sieving facility in Tuckahoe, New York where we help companies recycle this powder. We offer equipment for sale and we also offer companies the opportunity to send powders to us to sieve it for them. This allows companies to begin to regain value from powders that are just sitting on a shelf or that are currently holding up your process. The ability to quickly recycle powders or to have a place you can rely on to get this done is invaluable. If you have customers waiting for orders and cannot size the powder, we can help you!   Let Elcan help you with the recycling of your powders.


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