RHEWUM Rectangular Screening Equipment now offered by Elcan

Elcan Industries, Tuckahoe, NY has partnered up with German manufacturer, RHEWUM, to offer a new line of advanced, rectangular screening equipment. The new line of equipment is primarily comprised of large, rectangular screening machines that incorporate direct excitation of the screen cloth in order to achieve high throughput rates at lower micron sizes. The customized machines are offered in numerous sizes and can have multiple decks to enable the production of several products at the same time.

The machines feature electromagnetic actors mounted on the side of the screen housing which directly transfer energy into the screen mesh whereas the entire machine body remains static. The line of screening equipment is capable of efficiently screening most products ranging from very coarse particle sizes to the lower end of the micron scale as well. The advanced line of equipment is first of choice for a number of different applications and industries including fertilizers, potash, sugar, mineral sands, pharmaceutical and powdered metal applications along with many others.

Elcan has a WA machine available in their tolling facility located in Tuckahoe, New York. Elcan encourages customers to come in for a test on the machine with product they are looking to separate and welcomes visitors to come witness the test. Testing on the machine allows for companies to see the performance of the equipment first hand and determine potential feed rates and performance markers. The machinery is also available for tolling as well if a company wants to screen product on the machine without being capitally committed to buying a machine. This rectangular screening equipment are great for companies looking to achieve high throughput rates while still being able to achieve an efficient screening of product. RHEWUM has been a staple in the screening industry in Europe for a long time and Elcan is thrilled to be able to offer the equipment to the US and Canadian markets.


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