Screening Powder Metals

Since our inception, in 1993, Elcan Industries has always focused on making fine separations that could not be achieved using conventional shaker/vibratory screening machines.   Today, screening fine powders is at the heart of everything we do.   On June 27, 2017, we successfully removed fines from spherical titanium powder at 5 microns, the finest we have ever gone.   We even doubted that it would work and were pleasantly surprised at the successful result.


Screening fine powders often allows companies to enter into new markets or create entirely new products once unachievable when screening with standard screeners.    In the past, we had great success in the electronics industry which is constantly making smaller and smaller products that require more precise screening of finer cuts.   Elcan has filled this requirement by achieving 98% efficiencies on cuts as fine as 10 micron.    Today we lead the additive manufacturing industry into the next generation by improving the 3D printing process by providing extremely accurate cuts – even below 10 micron!


Elcan has a number of different technologies we work with, but we have find that energy imparted to the screen surface leads to higher efficiencies and greater rates.  By keeping particles energized, the fine particles are able to find the holes in the screen cloth and fall through them while the larger particles remain above the screen hole until they are discharged. This high amount of energy being transferred into the screen prevents blinding from ever occurring and allows agglomerated particles to break apart.


Every product behaves differently but Elcan has found that screening fine powders is achievable with a combination of technology and technique.  We routinely screen down to 15 microns for the additive manufacturing industry and screen fine powders for many other industries as well.  Whether it be glass, ceramics, metal powders, fertilizers, specialty chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals or anything else, it’s likely we have screened it at a fine micron size.


At Elcan, we like to say that the proof is in the pudding, and this is why we offer a one-time free test to demonstrate our capabilities. So, give us a call, bring over your hardest to screen product, and we will show you how we can help improve your process and open new markets.   Lunch is on us.




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