Toll Manufacturing - Advantages of Contract Manufacturing


Since 1993, Elcan Industries has been the leader in toll manufacturing by providing scalability and support to the outsourcing manufacturing needs of multiple industries. Elcan assists companies in a wide array of industries including but not limited to: Specialty Chemicals , Additive Manufacturing, Electric Vehicles, Coatings, Glass and Graphite. Elcan helps create a seamless manufacturing solution while giving companies the ability to scale their operations without having to worry about the high costs associated with capital equipment expenditures.

Toll Processing Services


In a toll manufacturing setup, companies approach Elcan Industries with their ideas and product (raw material) and asks us to process the material for them so that it meets their desired specifications. The customer tell Elcan what they are looking to achieve i.e. yields, rates, efficiencies, lbs/hr and Elcan starts developing the solution to help the customer get exactly what they are looking for and more. Using our proprietary sieving equipment Elcan is able to far outperform companies that use any any traditional vibratory shaker screeners including ultrasonics screeners. Most companies are coming to us from an inefficient experience with other tollers or bad machinery they purchased. These companies turn to Elcan to get more out of their product than the original toller was able to produce. Elcan strives to develop long term relationships with customers by providing sustainable solutions in our processes. The combination of technology and technique employed by Elcan has allowed us to become the experts in the sieving field.

Hi Sifters by Elcan Industries -


Many companies in 2021 are still using technologies and techniques that have been around since the 1950s. These technologies are no longer relevant in todays day for companies looking to get the most out of their raw material. These older technologies are very limited in their ability to produce high quality product, increase their customers profits and allow them the ability to offer different applications in their product line to their end customers. Elcan Industries incorporates its’ proprietary, state of the art, 21st Century  sieving technology: the Hi-Sifter. This technology has proven to be the leader in every industry when it comes to sieving powders down to sizes as fine as 10um on a large production scale. Unlike “ultrasonic” screeners where material sits on the screen surface and blinds the screen mesh creating lower rates and yields, Elcan’s Hi-Sifter employs a high amount of energy directly to the screens surface which does not allow for product to blind the screen mesh and gives companies higher rates, yields and efficiencies like no other screener in the market today. At Elcan we encourage new customers to send in a supersack of material for testing purposes because unlike other companies, we like to run our tests on a mini “production-like” scale to show clients our technologies capabilities as well as our techniques.

Hi Sifter - High Energy Screening Machine


As markets continue to trend towards finer materials, many sieving technologies struggle to keep up with the higher rates, and efficiencies that are required to meet industry standards. The result of this has become a tendency for companies to have to sieve at sizes greater than their required specifications in order to achieve their desired grade of product. This practice called “cheating the hole” has lead to many companies losing out on valuable yield in order to hit a specification using equipment that is not capable of producing such results. At Elcan Industries, we pride ourselves on being able to sieve at the desired hole specification without having to “cheat the hole.” In order to do this, we use a combination of our advanced technology and our years of experience running screening systems to achieve results that are unmatched in the industry. Unlike traditional OEMs, Elcan Industries is users of the same equipment that we offer for sale as we run it in our toll processing facility everyday. Elcan understands the massive implications of having to rerun products and having machinery shutdowns so we have developed equipment that eliminates both of these issues. Elcan runs millions of pounds of various powders through our plant every year and this allows us to learn tricks and techniques that OEMs are unable to experience in a lab setting. For tests that are run at Elcan, it is encouraged the companies send larger quantities of material, rather than just a five gallon bucket. Problems with sieving generally don’t occur within the first hour of running and sometimes issues with a product may not show up until the machinery has already arrived at the final destination. We strive to avoid this by encouraging customers to send in large quantities of powder and offering toll processing services to companies looking to run production scale trials in order to prove out a process without being capital committed to a piece of machinery.



Certain situations like scaling or launching new products force companies large or small go outside of their own internal setups to hire an outside toll processor. Some companies have ideas for products but lack specialized expertise , equipment and the added capacity needed to handle the new production demands.


Companies that work with Elcan enjoy the flexibility we offer to meet surges in demand, control over their supply chain, the ease of product development and scalability. Elcan works with companies that drop-ship their raw material directly to us without even seeing the material at all. Elcan documents the entire process and remains in close contact with the customer throughout the entire production process.


Elcan has a 20,000 sqft facility which allows us to take in multiple truckloads per week of raw goods, process the material and ship it to the customer quickly and efficiently. This is a huge plus for companies that do not have any warehousing, Elcan becomes an extension of their business.

About Elcan Industries

Since our inception in 1993, Elcan Industries has focused on finding catered solutions to any screening problems that companies may be experiencing. We pride ourselves on doing the jobs that other sieving companies cannot do. We are always open to trying to any separation, no matter how obscure, or difficult it may seem. We have always focused on selling only the most advanced screening technologies available on the market. We have the ability to screen material from 10 microns to 10 mm and have achieved efficiencies of 95% and up at all of these sizes

Elcan currently represents 3 different types of sieving technologies. We offer large rectangular screeners with an activated screen surface, tumbler screeners with unique anti-blinding mechanism and a gentle motion and a highly energized round screener. Respectively, Minox and Hi-Sifter lines of screening equipment. All of them are available to test and toll at our facility.

Elcan serves as the North-American base of operations for all three of these lines of equipment. Our toll processing facility in New York stocks all the spare parts for any equipment that we offer for sale. This means that any time you need a part, we can ship it out overnight and there will be a limited disruption in production. We make screens for all the equipment and offer screen repairs and rescreens when needed.