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Toll Processing Services

Along with offering equipment and parts sales, Elcan Industries offers clients the opportunity to test and toll manufacturer at their state of the art facility. There are numerous advantages to toll manufacturing with Elcan, which include the opportunity to develop new products without being capitally committed to purchasing machinery. Elcan has a full scale toll manufacturing facility with 8 bays dedicated to screening, grinding, and classifying equipment. In many instances, capital budget restraints prevent companies from purchasing a machine. In this case, Elcan offers companies the ability to send product to Elcan to be processed and the customer gets back a finished product, in spec, to sell to their customers. For customers who are looking to test the market viability of their product, Elcan offers the opportunity to develop new product that the customer can then bring to the market place. Elcan’s experience toll manufacturing has allowed them to develop new techniques to find solutions to any problems customers are having.

Toll Processing
Toll Processing Bays at Elcan

Many companies have to produce material based on fluctuating customer demands and for this, contract manufacturing with Elcan allows them to send product to be processed whenever the demand arises from their customers. Elcan offers companies a one time free test to demonstrate the capabilities of their technology and to prove to customers that higher rates and efficiencies does not compromise the quality of the product they are producing. For companies that want to make a capital equipment purchase, Elcan encourages customers to send in product for them to toll process in the meantime to limit downtime in production. Elcan runs product on their machines to optimize the performance of the equipment catered to that customers product so by the time the machine arrives at their plant, the machine is perfected to each customer’s specific needs. Elcan has the ability to handle from hundreds up to millions of pounds in their facility and is up to any challenge put in front of them.

Elcan has the Hi-Sifter, Rhewum, Minox, and other lines of advanced screening equipment available at all times in their facility for testing and tolling. Their new SDF Dynamic Air Classifier by STM is up and running and proving capable to efficiently classify material at high rates. Elcan has a sieve mill installed in their faiclity and is in the process of installing a fluidized bed jet mill as well. Elcan also offers mixing & blending, packaging, and magnetic separation as well. With all these opportunities, Elcan has the unique ability to take in raw product from companies and send back to them finished product. Elcan has been the leaders in contract manufacturing / toll processing for over 20 years and encourages any company having trouble processing their product to allow Elcan to find a solution right for them.