Toll Manufacturing Services

Elcan Industries offers a wide range of toll manufacturing services to help meet any of your particle separation needs. Elcan’s toll manufacturing facility includes 8 bays dedicated solely to toll screening of material. Using the advanced sieving equipment we sell, Elcan has the ability to toll screen down to 10 microns. Elcan offers electro-magnetic separation for material requiring the removal of ferrous contaminants. Elcan also offers repacking services including the ability to sew shut finished product bags. Elcan has the ability to toll blend dry powders at our facility using a number of different blenders.

Elcan’s toll manufacturing services does not stop there. Elcan has a full scale lab for companies with high value products, but not a lot of quanities. Our lab has a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 for particle size analysis and companies can send in samples to be analyzed if they wish. The lab also includes our new Elbow Jet Air Classifier, which is capable of making fine separations below 1um. The Elbow Jet only requires a small amount of material (<1Kg) in order to make very precise measurements and is perfect for developmental products. Elcan also has Jet Sieve and ROTAP measurements as well. The lab also features our line of lab sized screeners, which despite their size, still pack a punch and can sieve below 20um.

Toll Manufacturing allows companies to get product to their customers without being capitally committed to equipment. Companies who already have equipment installed can meet surges in customer demand by engaging in toll manufacturing services. It also allows companies to do longer trials on material before becoming capitally committed to it.

Elcan has the ability to handle LTL and truck loads of material. We have a sister company capable of doing toll manufacturing in an FDA and food grade environment. Call today to find out more! (914)-381-7500