Benefits of Toll Screening

The most experienced toll screening facility in the world can be found at Elcan Industries located in Tuckahoe, NY.   A 20,000 sq./ft. factory features 10 processing bays that each have 2 state of the art screening or grinding machines operating.   20 years of experience give the customer sophisticated techniques to compliment the advanced technologies we work with. Everyday Elcan runs different products in their facility and their unique approach to screening has allowed them to make separations previously thought to be impossible. Allow our company to help find a solution to any of your particle separation needs, no matter what the product, its likely we have screened it.


Why Toll Screen?

Toll processing and toll screening allows companies to eliminate capacity bottlenecks by utilizing the extensive tolling offerings our company has. Our company has flexible resources, which allows customers to meet unexpected surges in demands. We have worked with numerous companies to assist them in developing products from the initiation to full production. Toll processing eliminates the need for companies to capitally invest in equipment without jeopardizing a loss in production. Toll processing also removes the need for companies to hire additional, skilled employees to run new equipment.


What Can Elcan Offer?

Elcan offers companies a solution to any screening problems they might be having without the company having to become capitally committed to equipment. For 25 years we have been screening products on their equipment and no company in the world has the experience of know how to match our capabilities. We have the ability to toll screen from sizes as large as 10mm all the way down to 10 micron! Our state of the art facility has the capacity to handle from 100 up to one million pounds of product. We offer customers a full laboratory featuring a Laser Particle Size Analyzer and Air Jet Sieves for full testing capabilities. Elcan also offers companies full logistical and paperwork support as well.


In addition to toll screening, Elcan also offers grinding, air classifying, mixing, blending, electro-magnetic separation and repackaging. Call today to find out more!


toll screening
Typical Screening Bay at Elcan