What is Toll Processing

Toll processing or toll manufacturing is a service provided to companies that need to outsource specific segments of their operation’s production.  Toll processing allows for companies to meet surges in demand that they may not have anticipated or lets companies fill additional orders when they are at capacity.   Tolling allows them to meet their customer’s orders without delays and without having to purchase equipment to run the material themselves.


For many companies, the process by which they develop their product is a fixed operation based on a singular method or product.  That means that any variation off this product would cause a major head- ache for the manufacturer. Toll processing can allow these companies to meet specific customer orders without having to interrupt the current ebbs and flows of their business.


Toll processing allows customers to develop new products and bring them to market without having to capitally commit to equipment. The benefit of this is that companies can now create new products and test them on the market for a low cost. This in turn will allow them bring product to market and sell these products without ever having to make an equipment purchase.


What can Elcan offer?


Elcan Industries offers companies the opportunity to develop new products using our advanced sieving systems. More specifically, Elcan can help companies achieve finer grades of product that were previously not obtainable by the client using standard sieving methods. Elcan Industries has 9 bays dedicated to toll sieving and has several truckload capacities at our new facility. Elcan offers lab and quality services as well to ensure that only the highest-grade product is being shipped out to customers. Elcan also offers mixing/blending, repackaging, and electromagnetic separation on a toll basis for customers. All the machines we use in our tolling facility are available for sale. This gives Elcan insight into methods that normal OEMs are not capable of achieving. Call today to find out more!