Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System

The Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System is designed specifically for the additive manufacturing, aerospace, and biomedical markets. It has a completely polished stainless steel body and does not require the use of balls or sliders to make efficient separations.  It uses a high energy approach that is designed specifically for dense metal powder separation.  These dense particles jump on the screen allowing the fine particles to easily pass through the screening mesh. The ability to make efficient separations eliminates the need to “cheat the hole”. Elcan believes that 44 micron powder should be sieved at 44 microns, not 63 microns as other companies promote.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

The high energy approach quickly reduces the time it takes to recycle additive manufacturing powders. The system makes reclaiming powders out of the printer an easy task. Equipped with an explosion proof vacuum system, the Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System quickly cleans powders out of the printer and feeds it through the screener. Everything can be done in an inert atmosphere, which is imperative when running explosive powders.  The higher rates and efficiencies achieved by this system makes quicker turnarounds and means that you have a cleaner end product as well