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Shipping Instructions

Due to our loading dock configuration and the street our business is located on, we ask all customers and shipping services to please review the following shipping instructions. We want to make this as quick and easy for you as possible. These shipping instructions are specific for all shipments to Elcan Industries, located at 20 Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe, NY. For questions or concerns regarding shipping your material, please feel free to contact us.

  • If the delivery or pick-up is for less than 5 pieces then do not back-in driveway. Please call for assistance and we will send a fork lift. Call (914) 381-7500

  • Please ship all material to the attention of Russ Grotto and provide notice when it ships. To contact him please email or call (914) 381-7500. He will provide you with a confirmation email once your material is received.

  • It’s mandatory for all received material to have a MSDS. If you do not send a MSDS attached to your box, drum or super sack of material, please email it directly to Russ.

  • Label your material clearly with your company name. You can write your company name directly on the box, super sack or drum or you can fill out the sample label below and attach it directly to your product. It also helps if your contact information is listed directly on the paperwork received.

  • Shipping and receiving hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM. ALL SHIPMENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED ahead of time with Judy Beltran at (914) 381-7500.

  • Please have driver call us when he is in front of the building so we can assist them (914) 381-7500.

Thank you for your assistance!

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