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Sieves for Slurry and Wastewater

Circular sieve for slurry and wastewater. This robust and reliable model has been enhanced in recent years with the addition of the 2000 size. The vibrations ensure that the mesh is always free of residue and allow the machine to work continuously.


Construction Features

  • High splashguard with new quick fastening ring
  • Diameter 2000 available with bolted fastening
  • Contact parts made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel base complete with ABS inspection doors
  • IP 65 motor-driven vibrator with long life lubrication

Intended Applications

  • Low viscosity loquid and wastewater sieving


  • High efficiency due to high centrifugal force applied
  • Fast waste discharge
  • High reliablilty