Spare Parts, Screens, and Services

Elcan Industries stocks all spare parts and screens for all the equipment we offer out of our facility in Tuckahoe, New York. Gone are the days of waiting for a response from an international supplier to get a spare part that you desperately need. We have the ability to ship parts out overnight so you can get back up and running with minimal interruption in your production. Whether you need a new gasket, swing arms, or even a new motor, we have it all stocked and ready to ship to you that day.

We have full time staffers dedicated to making new screens for customers as well. Using the experience we have learned over 25 years of running the equipment, we have mastered the ins and outs of making screens that last. We offer both screen repairs and have new screens available for sale as well. We have the ability to make FDA approved screens and have a proprietary method to screen making, which can increase screen life significantly.

Elcan also has technicians available in house in the event that something goes wrong with your machine. We have the ability to take in machines that are not running correctly and not only repair them, but we can run your material on them so that by the time you get it back, everything is running optimally for your process. We also have traveling technicians that can you get things up and running once your machine is installed. Furthermore, these traveling technicians can come to your facility and help with repairs on existing equipment you have purchased from us.

Our toll processing facility has given us experience in running these machines and we have learned countless tricks to make them work better over the years. If you ever have a question about any of your machines, we are always available to help walk you through it and are just a phone call away!

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