Toll Recycling of Additive Manufacturing Powders

Recycling additive manufacturing powders (3d Printing Material) is a critical step in the 3D printing process, but it can quickly become a dangerous one if not done correctly. Any powder has the potential to explode when exposed to O2, but there is an elevated risk when it comes to metal powders like aluminum and titanium. The oxygen levels and dust exposure must be monitored extremely closely when handling this powder and running it in an inert environment is critical. The process is made more difficult by the fact that many of these printers come with older or outdatedsieving technologies. The vibratory sieving systems these machines come with can struggle sieving below 100 microns, adding processing time and costs to your process.

Elcan Industries has developed a new program to help customers with recycling of additive manufacturing powders. Our goal in mind is to assist companies that are getting started in the 3D printing process who need help with handling and sieving these powders. Furthermore, Elcan can offer assistance to these companies on a tolling basis, which means that companies do not have to invest in a costly recycle box that may struggle to keep up with production.

Using our proprietary Hi-Sifter technology, Elcan Industries can help companies recycle their AM powders at the desired powder specification. That means if the powder is 44 micron powder, we will sieve it at 44 microns, not at a size of 63 microns like other companies may suggest. Our 25 years of experience in sieving has given us the knowledge and know how to process these types of metal powders efficiently, and more importantly, safely. Elcan has a new state of the art lab that will contain a sieving station with the sole purpose of recycling additive manufacturing powders for companies.

Elcan is equipped to handle incoming feed packaged in any format. We will repack all of the finished product into this same packaging type and will maintain all lot integrities. Our facility is set up to handle anywhere from hundreds of pounds up to a million pounds and we have sieve sizes available down to 15 microns. Elcan can handle any and all powders (except magnesium) and will provide Malvern Analysis (PSD) for each fraction of the product and can perform Rotap and sieve analysis as needed.