Toll Screening

Elcan Industries’ state of the art toll processing facility features 8 bays dedicated to toll screening and 2 bays for our new line of fine grinding equipment which includes a jet mill and a sieve mill. In addition, we have an Electro Magnetic Separator, bulk-to bag packaging area, blending and mixing machinery.

Unlike most OEMs, we run these machines in our factory every day. This daily practice has given Elcan the hands-on experience and know-how that is invaluable to our customers. By the time our customer purchases equipment for their factory to run products they were tolling with us, the bugs are all worked out and the problems are eliminated. Quick and easy start-ups are the norm for Elcan customers.

We have the most advanced screening machines in the world and our capabilities far exceed other screening companies. The combination of advanced technology and seasoned techniques provides solutions to the most difficult to screen products. Elcan can make products separations as fine as 10 microns but has also provided cuts as coarse as 10mm! Our large facility has the capacity to handle from 100 pounds up to a million pounds and we can take in material by the truckloads! Our grinding business is just starting up and will be fully operational this year.

Our initial work in tolling was the result of customer requests to match the lab work we performed for them. Once the end customer saw the results from our testing, they demanded more sellable product immediately. It could take months before the machinery bought from Elcan could be installed so we offered to toll the product until their plant was built. We didn’t even know what tolling meant then!!

Our first jobs ranged from crumb rubber to TEFC. We quickly moved to a larger facility and were then able to process truckloads of aluminum powder, glass flake, plastic and glass beads and various metal powders like Zinc, Nickel, Chrome Oxide, Iron Pyrite and Stainless powders. We even do the separation of hollow glass spheres used to lighten the wings on commercial jets.

Our reputation spread and we expanded again in 2012 to our current 20,000 sq. /ft. facility in Tuckahoe, NY. We then added complimentary lines of services and are will to add any equipment to help our customers. Elcan has packaged dozens of truckloads of persulfates and alumina for computers.

This move has allowed us to process 4 million pounds of recycled fluorescent light bulbs, boatloads of polymers and catalysts, tons of glass flake for the high-end electronic industry and even chrome-oxide screened, de-magged and packaged into 10 pound bottles. Ongoing campaigns of diatomaceous earth, glass beads, graphite and sands flow into Elcan daily.

Our in-house laboratory is now undergoing an upgrade and we have added the Malvern Mastersizer 3000 recently to provide our customers with better analysis. The Malvern is also available for toll work. The new lab includes a Nisshin Air Classifier, a V-blender, Air-Jet Sieves, Rotap as well as dryness and density analysis. Lab-sized grinding machines are scheduled for later this year.