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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

Allgaier Process Technology has secured its position as an industry leader in the realm of process technology. As a globally recognized Allgaier Group segment, Allgaier Process Technology focuses on designing and manufacturing top-notch screening and drying equipment to meet diverse industrial requirements and applications.

A significant aspect of Allgaier’s broad product portfolio is its Tumbler Screening Machines, which are highly regarded for their robustness, reliability, and versatility. These innovative machines play a crucial role in handling and processing various materials in many industries.

Allgaier Tumbler Screener

Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machines

The Allgaier Tumbler Screeners are well suited to screen an array of materials from fine to medium grain sizes. Industries such as mineral processing, raw materials, plastics, waste and recycling, metallurgy, bio fuels, ceramics and food and feedstuff rely heavily on these machines for their operations. Also, the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries use these screeners to ensure materials’ fine and precise separation.

Allgaier’s tumbler screening machines come with an array of advanced features. These include highly efficient control sieving and particle size classification, fractioning, and de-dusting of dry, powdered, and granular products. They also offer multi-deck screening, thus enabling the simultaneous screening of different grain sizes.

Tumbler Screening Machine - Elcan Industries

Benefits of an Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machine

Allgaier tumbler screeners boast a high screening efficiency and are capable of handling substantial throughput rates. This high screening performance makes them a preferred choice in industries where speed and precision are of the essence. The machines are also highly versatile, with customizations available to match specific operational requirements. This flexibility extends to multi-deck screening, a feature allowing for the simultaneous processing of different grain sizes. Adjustable cleaning systems are another customization option, providing ease of maintenance and sustained operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the Allgaier Tumbler Screeners come with a sophisticated drive concept and an intelligent machine design. These features not only make the machines durable but also contribute to low maintenance and repair costs.

Tumbler Screeners vs. Traditional Vibratory Screening Machines – What’s the Difference and Which One Is Right for Your Application?

When comparing Tumbler Screeners to traditional vibratory screening machines, the differences in performance, efficiency, and application become clear.

Vibratory screeners operate by shaking or vibrating the screen or meshes at a high frequency, which helps to separate the particles. While these machines are effective in certain applications, they have some limitations compared to tumbler screeners.

For example, vibratory screeners can be noisy and typically have a lower sieving efficiency. This is due to their design which generates a lot of kinetic energy, often causing smaller particles to overpass through the screen. They also struggle to handle fragile materials as the vigorous shaking can damage these particles and this is where the Tumbler screener differs in that Tumbler Screeners use a more refined and gentle screening action, which mimics a pan-hand sifting motion (similar to a circular motion) . The tumbling action helps to turn and flip the material, which aides in exposure of the material to the screen. This leads to higher accuracy in separating particles of different sizes and does not damage the particles.

The tumbler screener’s motion is more controlled and precise, making it well suited to handling more delicate or fragile materials without causing damage. Furthermore, Tumbler Screeners are quieter in operation, making them a better choice for environments where noise db levels are closely monitored.

While vibratory screeners may have a place in some industries, it’s clear that for many applications, Allgaier Tumbler Screeners offer a more advanced, efficient, and gentle screening solution. Their design and operation provide clear benefits over traditional vibratory machines, making them an attractive option for businesses in many sectors.


Despite these cons, the Allgaier Tumbler Screeners stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Their superior performance, coupled with their flexibility and durability, makes them an excellent investment for businesses looking to enhance their material screening processes. As with all significant investments, prospective buyers should weigh their specific needs against the capabilities and costs of these machines to ensure they make the most suitable choice.

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”