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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

Dry Powder Sieving & Toll Sifting

Toll sieving also referred to as dry powder sifting or a dry powder processing service (particle processing), is essentially a turn-key solution in which a powder manufacturer or powder material importer will drop ship all of their raw feed materials (raw powder) to us for processing. Elcan (the toll processing company) takes the powdered material and classifies it through our high-performance powder sieving machines to deliver our clients their desired particle size specifications.


Toll sieving or classifying powders is essentially the process in which companies have any particular powder and they need the powder sized or “classified” into a particular size specification. Generally speaking, companies buy raw powder from a powder supplier or manufacturer and then have it shipped to a toll processor like Elcan and have them screen the powder into multiple size ranges so that they can create different products and end-use applications for their clients. Other times, companies have good powder and just need to screen out some contamination that got inside their powder during the manufacturing process so instead of scraping the material or shipping it back to the manufacturer, companies send it to a toller and have them screen out the contaminated particles and return the powder to a pure and usable state.

Particle Separation Benefits

The benefit of having Elcan as a toll processing partner is that Elcan is the only company globally with the capabilities of screening powders down to very fine sizes such as 10um and 1um, respectively, on an industrial scale utilizing its proprietary screening technology, the Hi-Sifter. Elcan Industries has a distinct advantage over companies that strictly sell equipment because we run the same equipment we sell. Furthermore, Elcan manufactures and customizes the sieving equipment to offer catered processing solutions for clients depending on their objectives, powder material type, density, and other essential criteria. Our sieving equipment gives Elcan and its customers the ability to process powdered materials at virtually any particle size range they require down to as fine as 10um on a large commercial scale. Companies that utilize our contract sieving services experience high throughput rates, yields, and over 95% efficiencies-all without having to run multiple passes on the material.


In its contract manufacturing facility, Elcan offers particle separation services for companies struggling with particle contamination issues, screen mesh blinding, low feed rates, low yields, and other issues associated with mediocre screening equipment/services. Elcan’s particle processing capabilities are often paired with our contract packaging services, blending, particle size analysis, and magnetic separation to provide full manufacturing capacity to our customers.


We work with small volumes to multiple truckload quantities. Give us a call to discuss your next project with us 📞 914-381-7500



Features & Benefits

  • Higher Yields: Advanced toll processing equipment that is capable of higher yields and efficiencies over conventional sieves and classifiers
  • New Products: ability to develop new products and bring them to market without being capitally committed to new equipment
  • Direct Shipping: Elcan can ship direct to customers to avoid added shipping fees.
  • Custom Packaging: Customized packaging and labeling formats available for any customer specification.
  • Daily Communication: Instant feedback on product performance and daily reports generated from the lab.
  • Diversity in Material Handling: Capable of handling material in various feed and finished packaging formats, Just ask!


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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”