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Top Chemical Blending Companies and Suppliers in the USA

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

Top Contract Blending Companies in USA - Elcan Industries

What is Chemical Blending and How Does It Work?

Chemical blending is the process of mixing multiple chemicals to create a new, homogeneous mixture with properties that differ from the individual components. This process is often utilized in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, food production, and manufacturing of household cleaning products.

The blending process can take various forms, depending on the desired outcome and the nature of the chemicals involved. Here are some of the key aspects:

  1. Selection of Chemicals: The first step is to select the appropriate chemicals that need to be blended. This involves understanding the chemical properties of each component, such as solubility, reactivity, and stability.
  2. Proportions: Once the chemicals are selected, the next step is to determine the correct proportions to achieve the desired characteristics in the final product. This is crucial as the wrong proportions can lead to an ineffective product or even dangerous reactions.
  3. Mixing Techniques: There are several mixing techniques such as stirring, shaking, homogenizing, or using specialized industrial blenders. The method chosen depends on the viscosity and compatibility of the chemicals.
  4. Safety Measures: Safety is a critical concern in chemical blending. The process must be conducted in a controlled environment using protective gear and adhering to strict safety protocols to prevent accidents.
  5. Quality Control: After blending, the mixture is often tested to ensure that it meets the required specifications. Quality control procedures are in place to detect any deviations from the desired chemical composition or performance.
  6. Packaging and Storage: The final blend is then packaged appropriately to prevent contamination and degradation. Proper storage conditions are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the chemical blend over time.

Best Chemical Blending Services Suppliers in USA

Elcan Industries in Tuckahoe, NY is Elcan Industries specializes in turnkey contract blending services, skillfully transforming your raw materials into ready-to-ship products based on your unique specifications. Our expansive capabilities include an array of blenders capable of homogenizing dry powders and creating specialized multi-component materials. Our state-of-the-art toll dry blending facility is equipped with advanced ribbon, conical, and screw blenders, some of which feature temperature control options for optimal processing conditions. By integrating our blending expertise with our comprehensive screening and packaging services, we offer complete manufacturing solutions. We accommodate projects of all sizes, from small volumes to large-scale productions​

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Economy Polymers & Chemicals in Houston, TX, is a custom chemical blending services supplier for a wide variety of sectors, including the oil and gas, personal care, and seismic drilling sectors. The company also offers private labeling, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and logistics in addition to toll manufacturing, for both prototypes and full production runs, with quantities ranging from a few to many thousand.

Vitex Corp. in Cleveland, OH, is a service provider offering specialized chemical blending options, in custom formulation, compounding, and product development. This company is capable of emulsifying solids and liquids, and then packing the final product in containers of 16 ounces or more.

Advanced Blending Inc. in Forest Hill, TX, is a specialty company that offers private-label chemical blending services. Cleaning solvents, household cleaning compounds, laundry cleaners, and tank cleansers are all examples of the kinds of chemicals that can be purchased in either liquid or powder form. The laundry, janitorial, textile, sanitation, food service, and oil field industries are just some of the many sectors that can make use of their blending and packaging services.

Proviron in Friendly, WV, is a manufacturing company of chemicals serving the polyurethane, paper, plastics, paints, coatings, and adhesives markets. It also offers toll and contract manufacturing services for esterification, brake fluids, polyurethane systems, or sulfur-based chemistry applications.

Dalden Corporation in Southlake, TX, is offering custom blending services, from water-based cleaners to solvent-based lacquer thinners, glass cleaners, and decontaminants tailored to the needs of the military. Bulk blending capacities between 100,000 and 50,000 gallons are available of chemicals, appropriate for use in the private, public, and governmental sectors are handled by this company.

Tri Sect Corporation in Schaumburg, IL, is a blending services provider, serving primarily the automotive, commercial, institutional, and marine sectors. This company combines liquids of different viscosities, including water, solvents, oils, and alkaline, neutral, or acidic solutions, and provides a wide range of chemical-related services, including compounding, formulation, reformulation, contract chemical packaging, technical assistance, and storage.

Nelson Packaging Company, Inc. in Lima, OH, is offering specialized chemical blending, compounding, and formulation services for finished consumer products. The materials used can range from amine oxide and calcium formate to citric acid and denatured alcohol to enzymes and hydrogen peroxide, and sulfuric acid. Rail transloading, bench/micro testing, real-time stock tracking, and custom software creation are just some of the in-house services provided.

Seacole Specialty Chemical in Plymouth, MN, is offering both batch and continuous blending services for custom chemical blending. They are, further, able to provide contract chemical formulation, packaging, and filling services.

Custom Particle Reduction in Plumsteadville, PA, is offering dry blending services for both food-grade and specialized products. Containers, barrels, drums, sacks, film bags, and paper bags are all common forms of product packaging for the final powdered product, which can be between 50 and 10 microns in size. Processing techniques such as hammer milling, jet milling, micronizing, grinding, mixing, blending, particle sizing, screening, and classifying are also available. Particle size analysis, engineering, and R&D are just some of the other laboratory and testing services available by this company.

Accublends LLC in Aurora, OH, is a company that offers chemical batch toll blending services, as well as packaging, bottling, and formulation options to the wholesale, institutional, and pharmaceutical sectors.

KitPackers in Germantown, WI, is a company that offers specialized packaging for a wide variety of chemicals, including adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, coatings, greases, lubricants, cleansers, primers, and more. They also provide other services such as repackaging, premixing, and frozen resin packing. Cans, pails, cartridges, bottles, jars, jugs, pouches, syringes, and tubes are only some examples of one-component packaging.

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”