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Top Magnetic Separator Manufacturers and Suppliers in The USA

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

What is an Electromagnet Separator & How Does It Work?

An electromagnet harnesses the principles of electromagnetism to generate a magnetic field through the flow of electric current. This current runs through a wire coil wrapped around a metal core, typically iron, to amplify the magnetic field. The beauty of an electromagnet lies in its controllability; the magnetic field’s strength can be easily increased or decreased by adjusting the current, and it can be completely switched off when not in use, unlike a permanent magnet that remains constantly magnetized.

This ability to control the magnetism makes electromagnets a superior choice for precision tasks in advanced manufacturing processes, including producing electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Here, electromagnets are invaluable for precisely and safely handling the delicate and heavy components that are fundamental to assembling high-performance EV batteries. The adaptability and precise control offered by electromagnets make them indispensable in modern industrial applications around the globe.

Electromagnet Separator by Elcan Industries Working Principle VIDEO

Magnetic Separator Pros and Cons

Electromagnets offer a unique advantage over permanent magnets due to their controllable magnetic field. Unlike permanent magnets, which maintain a constant magnetic force, electromagnets can be switched on and off. This dynamic control makes electromagnets a superior choice in numerous industrial applications, including complex automation systems and precision handling of ferrous materials.

One of the key strengths of electromagnets lies in their versatility. In the context of scrap handling and sorting, for instance, an electromagnet’s ability to selectively magnetize and demagnetize allows for the efficient separation and release of materials. This feature is convenient and essential for maintaining workflow efficiency and safety in recycling and material handling industries.

Electromagnet For Battery Manufacturing Plants and Manufacturing

Furthermore, electromagnet separators have become a critical component in the burgeoning field of battery manufacturing, especially for electric vehicles (EVs). As the demand for EVs escalates globally, the need for high-capacity, reliable battery production has become more pronounced. In battery manufacturing plants worldwide, electromagnets are utilized for their precision and control in the assembly lines. Their role in these plants is indispensable, as they facilitate the safe and efficient movement of battery components, which are often heavy and delicate. This capability ensures that electromagnets are not just a tool but a fundamental aspect of the innovative processes that drive the production of modern EV batteries.

The adaptability and operational superiority of electromagnets, therefore, make them a pivotal type of magnet used across various high-tech industries, including the critical sector of EV battery manufacturing, signifying their importance in the advancement of green technology and sustainable transportation solutions.

Top Magnetic Separator Manufacturing Suppliers - Elcan Industries

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Magnets

  1. Elcan Industries Nippon Magnetics, Inc.: Nippon Magnetics, Inc., headquartered in Japan and USA, specializes in the development and manufacturing of magnetic separation equipment and systems for industrial applications, such as battery manufacturing, metals recycling, battery recycling, mining, chemicals and also offering products for separation, lifting, and filtration.
  2. Goudsmit Magnetics: Goudsmit Magnetics, established in the Netherlands, specializes in the design and manufacture of magnetic systems including separation, recycling, and metal detection solutions for various industries, emphasizing quality and innovation.
  3. Industrial Magnetics, Inc.: Industrial Magnetics, Inc. provides a wide range of magnetic products for industrial and commercial applications, focusing on solutions for material handling, magnetic separation, and work holding, with a commitment to safety and efficiency.
  4. Eclipse Magnetics Ltd: Eclipse Magnetics is based in the UK and offers advanced magnetic solutions for a variety of sectors including processing, manufacturing, and engineering, focusing on quality, innovation, and magnetic technology expertise.
  5. Nippon Magnetics, Inc.: Nippon Magnetics, Inc., headquartered in Japan, specializes in the development and manufacturing of magnetic equipment and systems for industrial applications, offering products for separation, lifting, and filtration.
  6. Metso Oyj: Metso Oyj is a global company based in Finland, known for its equipment and services for the mining, aggregates, recycling, and process industries, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.
  7. Bunting Magnetics: Bunting Magnetics provides a comprehensive range of magnetic solutions, including separation equipment, metal detection, and material handling products, serving industries such as recycling, food processing, and manufacturing.
  8. Multotec: Multotec is a South Africa-based company offering mineral processing equipment and solutions, specializing in screening, flotation, cyclones, and magnetic separation technologies, aimed at improving performance and reducing operational costs.
  9. K.W. Supply Magneetsystemen: Based in the Netherlands, K.W. Supply Magneetsystemen specializes in magnetic lifting and separation equipment, catering to industries such as scrap metal, recycling, and steel production, with a focus on custom solutions.
  10. STEINERT: STEINERT is known for its innovative sorting and separation solutions, including magnetic and sensor-based systems, serving the recycling, mining, and waste management industries globally.
  11. LONGi Magnet: LONGi Magnet, headquartered in China, specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of magnetic equipment for mining and mineral processing industries, offering high-intensity separation technology.
  12. Kanetec: Kanetec offers a wide range of magnetic products for industrial applications, including magnetic separators, lifting magnets, and magnetic tools, focusing on quality and innovation.
  13. Sollau: Sollau, based in the Czech Republic, specializes in the development and manufacture of magnetic separators, offering solutions for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, with a commitment to high-quality standards.
  14. Shandong Huate Magnet Technology: Shandong Huate Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese company in the magnetic industry, providing a wide range of products for magnetic separation, magnetic lifting, and electromagnetic equipment.
  15. Malvern Engineering: Malvern Engineering is a South African company offering engineering solutions including magnetic and vibrating equipment, focusing on the mining and mineral processing industries.
  16. Jupiter Magnetics: Jupiter Magnetics is known for its range of magnetic separators and magnetic equipment, catering to various industrial applications with a focus on reliability and efficiency.
  17. Permanent Magnets: Permanent Magnets Ltd. is an Indian company specializing in the manufacture of permanent magnetic products for a variety of industrial applications, including magnetic separators and lifting magnets.
  18. Innovative Magnetic Technologies: Innovative Magnetic Technologies (IMT) offers magnetic equipment solutions for industrial applications, including separation and lifting, focusing on performance, safety, and custom solutions.
  19. Weifang GUOTE Mining Equipment: Weifang GUOTE Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of magnetic separation equipment, quartz sand equipment, and other mining equipment, focusing on providing high-quality and efficient products for various industries.

Concluding Overview of Magnet Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

In this overview, we’ve explored the landscape of leading magnet manufacturers and suppliers across the United States, identifying those at the forefront in terms of innovation, product range, and financial performance. For individuals and businesses seeking to delve deeper into magnetic solutions or to secure reliable sources for high-quality magnetic products, further resources and detailed guides are available to assist in making informed decisions and establishing fruitful partnerships in the magnetic industry.


Features & Benefits

  • Wide Product Range: Offering an extensive selection of magnetic products, from industrial magnets to custom-designed magnetic solutions, catering to a variety of applications across different industries.
  • Innovative Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge magnetic technologies to improve product efficiency, durability, and performance, ensuring clients receive the most advanced solutions available.
  • Customization Capabilities: Providing tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs, including custom magnet designs, strengths, and configurations for unique applications.
  • Quality Assurance: Adhering to strict quality control standards to guarantee high-performance and reliable products, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term reliability.
  • Sustainability Focus: Implementing eco-friendly practices in the manufacturing process and product design, contributing to environmental conservation and offering sustainable product options.
  • Technical Support and Services: Offering comprehensive support, from initial consultation to after-sales service, including installation assistance, maintenance advice, and technical troubleshooting to ensure optimal product use and longevity.


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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”