Removing Ferrous Contaminants

Finding ferrous contaminants inside your feedstock can be a huge problem for companies trying to sell virgin feed powder. Furthermore, removing ferrous contaminants can be next to impossible if the right equipment isn’t used. Elcan Industries has the ability to remove up to 99% of ferrous contaminants from virgin powder using our high powered Eriez DVMF electromagnet. Elcan uses this machine on a tolling basis for companies who have a need for the removal of Ferrous contaminants from their feedstock. Other times, things fall into the feed during processing, or something breaks into the line, which needs to be removed. The 5000-gauss unit is designed to provide a method of purifying fine dry powders such as alumina, talc, silica and zircon powders along with countless others.


The Eriez Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter incorporates vibrating filter elements with high-intensity magnetic fields to provide a high capacity, highly efficient magnetic separator. It consists of an electromagnetic solenoid coil encased in a steel housing. A high-intensity uniform magnetic field is generated in the bore of the coil. Iron-bearing contaminants are captured in the matrix allowing for the high quality, now pure material, to continue to flow into the collection chamber.


Whether a screen breaks in your process, a bag of bolts falls in the line, or something as fine as a wire brush bristle, made it into your product, Elcan can help you with removing ferrous contaminants.

Eriez DVMF magnet

Elcan’s toll processing facility has 8 bays dedicated to fine particle separation. Our advanced sieving equipment can help companies with fines removals down to ten microns. The Eriez DVMF magnet is available for testing and tolling at our facility and Elcan can handle full truckloads of material on it. Call today to find out how we can help! (914)-381-7500