Screening Aluminum Powder

When it comes to screening Aluminum Powder, Elcan Industries has tons of experience – over 3,000 tons. Since its inception, Elcan Industries has focused on finding screening solutions to problems that other companies could not. In 2004, the world’s largest producer of aluminum powder came to Elcan with a request; screen aluminum powder at 325 mesh (44 microns) without allowing any oversize material in the product. A seemingly straightforward request, the company had not been able to find anyone that could successfully meet the challenges of screening aluminum powder.

Sieving Aluminum Powder

Besides the difficulty that is associated with screening the aluminum powder, a bigger problem was handling it due to its explosive nature. Elcan developed a system using nitrogen blanketing, explosion proof motors and a totally grounded working bay that allowed for the powder to be screened safely in a totally inert and spark free environment. The entire Elcan facility was inspected and approved by this major manufacturer . Elcan was successful in implementing a procedure to safely screening aluminum powder at 325 mesh, which it still uses today.

With the safety side of things under control, Elcan could now focus on finding a way to efficiently separate aluminum without allowing any oversize particles in the product. One of the main problems screening aluminum powder is the difficult shape of the material. Using their advanced screening systems and vast experience screening metal powders, Elcan was able to cater a solution fit specifically for this customer’s needs. Come time for testing, Elcan had a solution that worked perfectly for the customer and allowed them to get the product they were looking for. Over the next ten years, Elcan Industries would go on to screen over five million pounds of aluminum powder for this one company alone! Elcan has also done extensive work for other aluminum manufacturers and has sold several screeners into the industry.

screening aluminum powder
Typical aluminum powder screening bay at Elcan

Elcan still uses this process to screen aluminum powders from companies all over the world. Elcan years of experience screening this powder have given them the capability to screen it safely and efficiently. Call today to find out more about screening aluminum powder with Elcan. (914)-381-7500