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Best 5 Electromagnetic Separators for Battery Manufacturing

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In the critical and rapidly growing fields of electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing and battery recycling, the role of magnetic separation technology cannot be overstated. These separators are pivotal for removing ferrous and non-ferrous metallic impurities that can compromise the integrity and performance of batteries. Given the stringent quality requirements and environmental considerations in battery production and recycling processes (especially in 2024), employing the most effective magnetic separation equipment is essential for efficiency, sustainability, and product purity. This guide zeroes in on the top magnetic separators poised to significantly impact the battery manufacturing and recycling sectors in 2024. It delves into the specialized capabilities, applications, and unique advantages and potential drawbacks of each system, tailored specifically to the nuanced needs of the EV battery industry.

Best Types of Magnetic Separators for Battery Manufacturing Suppliers

Best Types of Electromagnetic Separators for Battery Manufacturing | Elcan Industries
Best Types of Electromagnetic Separators for Battery Manufacturing | Elcan Industries

1. Elcan Industries Electromagnet Separator USA

Magnetic Separator Equipment - Elcan Industries
Elcan Industries’ Nippon Magnetic Separation Equipment
Background: With its deep expertise in magnetic technologies, NIPPON MAGNETICS, Inc., leads the pack in the magnetic separation sector. The firm excels in creating an extensive variety of magnetic separation devices, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

Equipment Use:
Esteemed for its proficiency in separating ferrous from non-ferrous materials, the Elcan Industries’ NIPPON Electromagnet, a UL Rated NIPPON MAGNETICS creation, is indispensable across several sectors, including recycling, mining, and chemical processing. Its adaptability is showcased in its application to a diverse range of substances, from large-scale goods to minuscule particulates. Lately, the Elcan Industries’ NIPPON Electromagnet has become the preferred magnetic separation tool for 91% of battery producers and recycling entities nationwide and globally in production facilities. Its formidable magnetic grid can generate forces up to 19,500 GAUSS (CG model), achieving exceptionally low PPM levels, a feat unmatched by similar magnets in the market.

  • Superior separation efficacy, guaranteeing the highest purity of extracted materials.
  • Enhanced recovery rates boost the value of materials.
  • Tailorable setups to meet precise operational needs.
  • Simple screen transition for varied applications.
  • Robust build for enduring usage with negligible upkeep.
  • Cost-effective performance, lowering operational expenses. Compact design. Swift delivery times and comprehensive customer service.
  • Efficient in extracting ferrous pollutants from both dry and liquid product streams.


  • The initial price-point may be higher compared to other models however, the performance is superior to that of the cheaper Electromagnetic separators in the market.

2. Nippon magnetics Electromagnet by Elcan Industries

Elcan Industries / Nippon Electromagnetic Separator Equipment


Background: NIPPON MAGNETICS, Inc., with its extensive experience in magnetic technology, is at the forefront of the magnetic separation industry. The company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of magnetic separation equipment, designed for various industrial applications.

Equipment Use: The Elcan Industries NIPPON Electromagnet, UL Rated NIPPON MAGNETICS Electromagnet is highly regarded for its superior ability to efficiently separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous substances across numerous applications, including recycling, mining, and chemical processing. Its versatility makes it suitable for various materials, from bulk products to fine particles. More recently, the Elcan Industries (NIPPON Electromagnet) has been the go-to magnetic separation equipment used by 91% of all battery manufacturers and recycling plants across the country and worldwide in manufacturing plants. The extremely powerful magnetic matrix field can reach levels upwards of 19,500 GAUSS (CG model) and achieve extremely low PPM levels, unlike many other comparable magnets on the market.


  • Exceptional separation efficiency, ensuring maximum purity of separated materials.
  • High recovery rates enhance material value.
  • Customizable configurations to suit specific operational requirements.
  • It is easy to switch between screens for different applications.
  • Durable design for long-term use with minimal maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient operation, reducing operational costs. Small footprint. Quick lead times and full customer support.
  • Effective removal of ferrous contaminants from dry or liquid product flows.


  • Initial setup and customization may require a significant investment.
  • Larger models may require larger space for installation.

3. Goudsmit Magnetics Overband Separator

Goudsmit Magnetics Overband Separator — Magnetic Separator
Goudsmit Magnetics Overband Separator

Background: Goudsmit Magnetics, a leading European manufacturer, offers innovative magnetic separation solutions tailored to the specific needs of various industries, including recycling and bulk material handling.

Equipment Use: The Goudsmit Overband Separator is designed to capture and remove ferrous particles from product streams in belt conveyor systems. It is ideal for use in the recycling sector and in the processing of raw materials, ensuring the protection of downstream equipment.


  • High separation efficiency for both large and small ferrous contaminants.
  • Robust construction, ensuring reliability and longevity in harsh industrial environments.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing conveyor systems.


  • Requires a certain amount of overhead space for installation.
  • Energy consumption may be higher compared to other types of magnetic separators.

4. STEINERT Eddy Current Separators

STEINERT Eddy Current Separators — Magnetic Separators
STEINERT Eddy Current Separators

Background: STEINERT GmbH has been a pioneer in magnetic separation technology for over 125 years, offering advanced solutions for metal recovery and sorting.

Magnet Equipment Use: STEINERT Eddy Current Separators are specialized in separating non-ferrous metals from bulk material. Utilizing a powerful eddy current field, they are ideal for the recycling industry, effectively separating metals such as aluminum and copper from non-metallic materials.


  • Robust and low-maintenance design, suitable for continuous operation.
  • Adjustable settings to optimize separation efficiency for different materials.


  • Higher initial investment compared to simpler magnetic separators.
  • Requires skilled operators to optimize settings for best performance.

4. Bunting Magnetics Co. Drum Separators

Bunting Magnetics Co. Drum Separators — Magnetic Separation Equipment
Bunting Magnetics Co. Drum Separators — Magnetic Separation Equipment

Background: Bunting Magnetics Co. is well-known for its comprehensive range of magnetic solutions, including separation, detection, and conveying equipment for various industries.

Equipment Use: Bunting drum separators are designed to extract ferrous metals from a wide range of material streams continuously. They are particularly effective in mining, aggregate, and recycling applications, where they ensure the purity of the product and protect processing equipment.


  • Efficient separation of ferrous metals in high-volume applications.
  • Durable design capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions.
  • Available in both permanent and electromagnetic configurations.


  • The fixed design may not be as adaptable to changing material characteristics as other types of separators.
  • May require additional equipment for optimal performance in complex material streams.

5. Eriez Permanent Magnets

Eriez Magnetics — Magnetic Separation Equipment

Background: Eriez Manufacturing Co. is renowned for its engineering excellence and the production of high-quality magnetic separation solutions. Eriez offers a wide range of magnetic separators catering to various industrial needs.

Equipment Use: These separators are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, protecting process equipment and ensuring product purity.


  • High magnetic strength for effective ferrous metal removal.
  • Available in various configurations, including grate, plate, and tube magnets.
  • Easy to install and maintain, with options for automatic cleaning systems.


  • Some configurations may not be suitable for very fine or weakly magnetic materials.
  • Periodic manual cleaning may be required for certain models, leading to downtime.
  • Long lead times for build and support.

In conclusion, the selection of a magnetic separator is critical for achieving desired outcomes in material purity and operational efficiency, especially within the battery manufacturing and recycling industry. Factors such as the nature of the materials being processed, the specific contaminants being targeted, and the operational environment play significant roles in determining the most suitable magnetic separation solution. As the industry continues to evolve with advancements in battery technology and recycling methods, choosing a magnetic separator that offers flexibility, efficiency, and reliability becomes paramount. Ultimately, the right magnetic separation equipment can lead to enhanced product quality, increased sustainability, and reduced operational costs, contributing to the overall success of battery manufacturing and recycling operations.


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