Anode Materials

For the lithium-ion batteries market, sieving anode materials is an integral part of the market. The size of the powders being put into the battery cells in imperative as smaller particles have shown to have better conductivity, and more can fit into a smaller space, the finer it is. Elcan has been helping companies sieving anode materials at fine sizes using our hi-sifter and Elbow Jet separation equipment. To sieve anode materials like graphite, carbon black, lithium titanate and silicon require for a tight particle distribution that may be unachievable on conventional equipment.

Silicon for Battery Materials

What is Silicon material used for? As many companies in the battery materials industry continue to search for process im...

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Carbon Black Material

What is Carbon Black? Carbon Black powder is a material that is a by product of the combustion of heavy petroleum powder...

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Graphite for Battery Materials

What is Graphite material? Graphite material is most commonly used to serve as the anode material for lithium-ion batter...

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