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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide powder is a metal powder that is used in a wide array of industries ranging from cutting tools to circuit boards. The powder is extremely dense weighing in at 15 g/cm^3. Sieving Tungsten Carbide is a difficult task due to this high density. The heavy powder can easily overload the screen and if the material is not metered correctly it will quickly lead to screen mesh blinding. Sieving fine Tungsten Carbide powder using a conventional or ultrasonic sieve is nearly impossible as the material will overwhelm the screen before ever seeing the hole openings.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Using a high energy powder sieving machine, Elcan has made efficient separations on Tungsten Carbide at sizes as fine as 10 microns. The key to sieving Tungsten Carbide Powder is having a high amount of energy on the screen surface. Sieving Tungsten metal powder with energy will cause the normally dense powder to jump on the screen and aerate allowing the fines to pass through the screen mesh with ease. For below ten micron separations, Elcan has used the Elbow Jet air classifier to separate tungsten carbide at 2 microns. Call today to schedule your free test!


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